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Where to buy beauty blender the leveler in 2022 China?

2022.02.23 / By hqt

beauty blender the leveler

The beauty blender the leveler is that egg-shaped sponge that all beauty bloggers love. But how is it common? How are it cleaned and, above all, how much does it cost?

You know that egg-shaped sponge that all beauty bloggers and youtubers use to apply foundation? Well, that sponge is called Beauty Blender and takes its name from the brand that first launched it on the market.

In reality today there are beauty blenders of all kinds, for every need and for every pocket. You are therefore really spoiled for choice. But how is the beauty blender the leveler common and why is it so popular? Let’s find out more about this real make-up miracle.

Why is the beauty blender the leveler so popular? 

The very popular egg-shaped sponge comes of a soft, delicate and velvety material, it is latex-free, therefore hypoallergenic, and absorbs a lot of water so that when wet its volume doubles. With the Beauty Blender the foundation – or any other product (powder, bbcream, earth) – blends perfectly with the skin for a final result without defects.

How is the Beauty Blender common?

Using the beauty blender the leveler to apply foundation is really very simple. We explain how to do it in a few simple steps.

  • Dip it in water to double its volume and squeeze it to get rid of excess water
  • Put the foundation on the back of your hand and, from here, take a little product at a time with the Beauty Blender
  • Tap the egg-shaped sponge on the face with a twisting motion, so that the foundation penetrates well into the skin

Over time, in addition to the classic egg shape, the beauty blender the leveler comes in many other shapes, from the egg with a square side to the comma, up to the more particular peanut-shaped. Every woman can find in each of them the most comfortable and suitable for her face.

A little advice on the Beauty Blender

The first tip about the Beauty Blender is undoubtedly about cleansing. Because you must remember that this foundation sponge should be washed after each application under running water and thoroughly cleaned with a detergent or neutral soap. After washing, the sponge should be wrung out, left in the air to dry and placed dry in its packaging.

Let’s now move on to prices. The original beauty blender the leveler costs from 16.90 to 25.90 therefore a very affordable price, especially since it is not a disposable product. If, however, you are looking for a cheap beauty blander, know that many brands of beauty products over time have produced cheap versions

How to apply foundation with the sponge?

A good trick is easy to see from the basics: let’s learn how to best apply the foundation with the help of an artistic tool to say the least. Let’s talk about the sponge!

Foundation is one of a woman’s best friends (in terms of make-up of course): it covers what shouldn’t be common,  corrects defects , lights up the complexion, illuminates the face … in short, new technologies are truly in able to work miracles.
Of course, only if you are able to apply the product in the right way! We learn how to apply the foundation with the help of a tool that many have yet to discover: the sponge.

beauty blender the leveler 2022

Seems easy..

That’s right: “sponging” the foundation on the face seems like a quick and easy gesture. Well quick it is, easy it becomes after learning how to use this tool to the fullest. The risk of misuse is uneven color and visible streaks, just like the sponge strokes you can see on a painting. Small beauty inconveniences that are best to avoid!

What do you need?

– Foundation (preferably liquid)

– Flat bristle sponge

– Moisturizing cream

To spread the foundation well with the sponge beauty blender the leveler does this:

1. Apply a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand and, next to it, pour a drop of your usual moisturizer. Blend the two solutions together with the sponge. This trick allows you to obtain a natural complexion and texture, less perceptible than foundation alone. Plus you use less as the cream makes it softer to “work”

2. Now take the beauty blender the leveler and start from the center of the face, ie from the sides of the nose. The movement to be performed is that of a sponge stroke, but always in one direction and always from the inside out.

3. Cover the whole face paying attention to the hairline and jaw line: here push yourself slightly below, “coloring” the initial part of the neck (and under the chin) to give the complexion a more natural look.

Touch up any signs or discolorations and continue with your usual makeup: with a little practice this gesture, and this tool, will become a quick and easy part of your make-up routine.

On the forum we talked about the beauty blender as a brand, today I will talk about sponges in general without referring to any particular brand also because personally I have never tried the original beauty blenders.

Where to buy beauty blender the leveler?

The sponges I use are not those of the well-known brand but I buy them from the Chinese, as they are quite cheap.

So, first of all I’ll explain how I use them because I believe that incorrect use is as harmful as incorrect maintenance.

What I am going to tell you here relates solely to my personal experience.

When I make up I start from the base, I apply a liquid foundation (those with a watery consistency) with my hands, after which, if I need to blend it in some point , I take my make-up sponge, I spray a little thermal water on it and tap it affected area .


Finally I use it to blend any contouring but always in the same way, a splash of water in a can and go.

So, in my opinion, the most important things when using a sponge are to use thermal water, not to use tap water and not to soak it.

As for washing, the same rule applies as for sponges, it is wrong not to wash it but it is wrong to wash it too often.

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