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Beauty Blender Supplier Explains 7 ways to Use a Blender

2021.11.08 / By hqt

How to apply the blender to your face step by step?

Beauty Blender Supplier

Beauty blender supplier offers a make-up product for highlighting individual parts and areas of the face, creating radiant, healthy skin and giving a rested look. Today we will tell you how to apply it correctly.

  • Step 1. Preparation
  • Step 2. Eyes
  • Step 3. Cheekbones
  • Step 4. Forehead
  • Step 5. Nose
  • Step 6. Chin
  • Step 7. Lips

We talked in more detail about the choice of a blender here, so today we will analyze the stages of application step by step.

Step1. Beauty blender Preparation

A beauty blender supplier, like any light accent, attracts much attention, so before using blender, the skin must be carefully prepared and perfectly aligned. It is necessary to cleanse the skin, take advantage of daily care, apply a base and even out the tone.

Don’t powder the blender. If the blender is liquid, then it is applied over the foundation, and does not overlap with powder on top. Similarly, if the blender is on a dry basis, then it is applied over the tone and powder. If you want to radically refresh the tone of dry skin.

Then you can mix the foundation with a liquid blender 3: 1 and apply a thin layer all over the face – this will give additional radiance and a rested look.

Step2. Eyes beauty blender

Also, liquid blender provided by beauty blender supplier can be mixed in the same proportion with concealer to mask dark circles under the eyes.

To the corners of the eyes – this will visually increase the space between the eyes and, thereby, move them apart, make them more widely set.

Step3. Cheekbones

A blender applied to the cheekbones is the best solution for giving skin a healthy glow, regardless of skin type or face proportions. The main thing is to respect the boundaries and carefully shade all the transitions.

In length, the line ends near the tangent from the outer border of the eye, in width – it does not go to the pouch under the eyes and the zone of dark correction of the zygotic bone.

Step4. Beauty blender Forehead

The beauty blender supplier applied in the center of the forehead makes it more aristocratic, and stretches the oval of the face, lining up in a single line “LOB-NOSE-CHIN”.

This solution is not suitable for girls with oily skin, since it will give shine to the T-zone, as well as those who have an initially elongated face oval.

SteP5. Nose

To visually make the nose shorter, you need to lighten the back to the point where you would like the nose to end and darken the tip. Do not shade the line too wide; this can visually expand the nose.

Step6. Chin

The smallest layer of blender given by beauty blender supplier is applied in the center of the chin, usually at the very end of the strobe. Girls with an elongated chin and an oily T-zone should be careful with this zone.

How to use the beauty blender correctly?

Concealer is a creamy color product that conceals imperfections due to its own density and color pigment. Today we will tell you how to use the corrector blender correctly.

  • Step 1. Skin imperfections
  • Step 2. For sculpting the face
  • Step 3. On defects by color
  • Step 4. For color correction

You already know what a concealer beauty blender supplier is, so follow our application instructions:

Step1. Skin imperfections

The key function of the corrector is to mask skin imperfections, so these products have a dense texture, are applied locally and are selected as close as possible to the skin tone.

How to apply beauty blender?

Select a small area around the defect, put on your finger a little corrector of a suitable shade from the blender, and move with light circular motions, gradually narrowing the area to the end point.

Ø Step2. For sculpting the face

The lightest and darkest shades from the blender can serve for cut-off correction – visually help to create the relief and volume of the face with the help of light and shadow

How to apply?
The lightest shade of beauty blender supplier is applied to the central part of the forehead – between the eyebrows, along the bridge of the nose, to the center of the chin, and also above the cheekbones.
The darkest shade is applied to the areas that need to be visually reduced – along the cheekbones to indicate depressions.

Beauty Blender Supplier

You can also apply it on the tip of the nose, from the forehead along the hair growth zone, and along the mandibular cheekbones.

Ø Step3. On defects by color

There are also pinkish (very first) and orange (very last) shades in the beauty blender supplier – they are needed to locally overlap color defects.
Orange tint – helps to hide blue under the eyes and small bruises, and pinkish – to refresh the face and block greenish areas.

How to apply?
Orange shade to the area of ​​the bag under the eyes before the foundation, overlapping with a nude concealer or a light tone on top, and apply the pinkish tone to the central part of the face, in the shape of a triangle.

Step4. For color correction

A blender of color correctors and concealers will help mask various color imperfections:

  • Purple – will reduce yellowness / freckles / pigmentation
  • The darkest shade – for cut-off correction
  • Light beige – masks any imperfections
  • Green – remove redness and inflammation
  • Yellow – remove blue under the eyes
  • Pink – neutralize green skin tones

How to apply?
Apply beauty blender supplier locally to the color correction area with light patting movements, top off with foundation or body concealer.

How to properly apply blush on your face?

Blush is a means that allows you to refresh your face and give it a natural glow.
Today we will tell you how to apply them correctly. We have already told how to apply blush according to the shape of the face, and now you will learn a couple more secrets of their application:

Step1. Prepare the coating

On even, clean skin, you can immediately apply only a cream blush – if you use a dry blush, then it is better to first powder the area of ​​application so that it is easier to blend. This simple trick will not only make shading easier, but also prevent the blush from becoming a stain.

Step2. Accentuate your cheekbones

Use dreyping – a makeup technique that allows refresh the face and make it more prominent by a blush of light and dark shades.

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