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How to use beauty blender solid cleanser like a pro?

2022.02.25 / By hqt

Introduced in 2007, the beauty blender solid cleanser literally blew up the cosmetics industry. If you don’t know about this new product, you need to urgently catch up, and maybe even replenish your cosmetic bag with this beauty device.

beauty blender solid cleanser

Sponge beauty blender, known among beauties as “pink testicle”, will change your idea of ​​applying foundation. You cannot achieve such a perfect coverage by any alternative method. Those who have already tried the beauty makeup blender unanimously say that this is definitely a must-have, or at least a must-try. Let’s take a closer look at beauty blender solid cleanser.

What is beauty blender?

A beauty blender sponge is a sponge that design for repeated wet application of tonal products on the skin. The invention belongs to two Hollywood makeup artists Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz. It has the shape of an egg, and is made of hypoallergenic material that does not contain latex.

Foundations are designed to evenly cover the skin, even out tone and mask imperfections. This task is best handled by the beauty blender today. With this sponge, you can apply cosmetics to the skin the way professional makeup artists do it, performing makeup on Hollywood beauties.

Neither fingers, nor a brush, nor ordinary beauty blender solid cleanser will achieve such a result as this drop-shaped sponge can give. And this is not just a publicity stunt of the manufacturer; numerous real reviews of girls confirm the stated promises.

Three different colored beauty blender solid cleanser

Types of beauty blender

The beauty blender is famous among beauties as a “pink testicle”, but in addition to pink, it comes in white and black. And the color differences aren’t the only ones. Sponges of different colors have their own characteristics:

White applicator or Pure: This type of beauty blender is ideal for girls whose goal is a thin and delicate application of the product in a weightless layer.

Black sponge or Pro: It has a denser structure and is suitable for girls who prefer to mask skin imperfections with a dense layer of foundation.

beauty blender solid cleanser 2022

Pink testicle or Original: Golden mean: has an optimal density and allows you to use products of medium density. This type of sponge is the most popular and is easier to use on its own.

Benefits of a beauty blender solid cleanser

The beauty makeup blender won the hearts of girls with the delicacy and accuracy of applying foundations and foundations at home. With its help, everyone will be able to perform an impeccable make-up for herself, creating the perfect canvas – applying flawless tonal products on the face. The invention has the following advantages:

How to use the beauty blender applicator?

2 pink applicators

The beauty blender is designed for wet application of cosmetics, but it can also be good to use dry, but then the consumption of foundation will be very uneconomical. A dry applicator will make the application dense, while a wet applicator will make it soft and light. Instructions on how to use the beauty blender are as follows:

Wet the beauty blender solid cleanser under warm water. It does not get wet immediately, wait a bit, squeezing the applicator in your hand. The sponge will almost double in size.

Squeeze out excess water, the sponge should be damp, not wet.

How to apply beauty blender solid cleanser?

Then you need to apply the foundation on the “ass” or another part of the sponge and “drive” the cream into the skin with patting movements.

With a thin tip, work the corners of the eyes, nose, and skin around the lips.

After using the beauty blender, you need to wash it. So, using only 1 applicator and 1 foundation, you will create a perfectly even skin tone without the effect of a mask, congestion, streaks and color transitions.

Beauty blender maintenance

The legendary beauty blender solid cleanser requires careful care. Immediately after applying the cream to the skin, it must be thoroughly washed. To do this, apply a cleanser to the sponge and rinse the beauty blender under running water, squeezing water out of it until it stops being soapy. If necessary, repeat the procedure, and then blot the sponge with a clean cloth and leave to dry.

How to use and care for the applicator?

Analogues or how to buy a quality sponge

Such a wild popularity of the beauty blender could not but provoke a sharp appearance of all kinds of analogues in cosmetic stores. Buying beauty blender solid cleanser today is not difficult. We advise you to order the applicator through a trusted online store.

Beautiful and well-groomed female hands are something that representatives of the opposite sex often pay attention to. And after all, it is not enough to have a stylish manicure, it is important to monitor the condition of the cuticle. It can seriously spoil the overall impression.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to regularly use special cuticle oil. Many consider it a waste of money and are content with hand cream alone. We decided to dispel the most popular beauty myth about cuticle oil and tell you why it is so important.

Why do you need nail and cuticle oil?

The cuticle is a thin and delicate skin at the base of the nail. It protects against the penetration of pathogens into the matrix (the part of the nail that ensures its healthy and full growth). The cuticle, as well as the skin of the face, needs care. Otherwise it will begin to dry and crack, spoiling the overall look of the manicure.

During a beauty blender solid cleanser manicure, the keratinized layer of the cuticle removes to prevent the appearance of burrs and ingrown nails. The fresh cuticle remains, and it must be subsequently good after with the help of special oil that has tremendous benefits.

Cuticle oil is absorbed into the skin almost instantly, thereby improving the appearance and condition of the nails. The composition of the product includes natural and essential oils, as well as other useful components that carefully care for the cuticle and prolong the well-groomed manicure.

What to look for in a lineup?

Sesame oil
Has a pronounced moisturizing effect on nails and cuticles.

Apricot oil
It has moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating properties. 

Avocado oil
Incredibly nourishing, rich and rich. Well suited for softening cuticles, increasing elasticity and reducing brittle nails, protects against negative environmental factors, fights burrs.

Argan oil
Nourishes the skin and nails well, saturates with essential vitamins and minerals, accelerates nail growth, fights the appearance of burrs and cuticle cracks.

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