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What advantages beauty blender powder puff provide?

2022.02.25 / By hqt

beauty blender powder puff

The beauty blender powder puff was invented 20 years ago, but only in recent years has it become a really super popular accessory. How to choose, how to clean, what he can do and what tricks you can perform with it – in our review.

Beauty blender: how to use, how to wash, which one to choose?  

A beauty blender is a special makeup sponge that makes it easier to apply foundation. But besides this, the beauty blender has many other features that you definitely need to know about!

How to use a beauty blender?

Makeup beauty blender is best used when wet.

“The main thing you need a beauty blender for is foundation,” says London Fashion Week makeup artist AJ Crimson. – And to make the makeup lay down better, before using the beauty blender for the face, moisten it with cold water! So the foundation will not spread during application.

Many people apply foundation to the skin, and then blend it all with beauty blender powder puff. I do it differently: I apply the product on the blender itself, and then I work with the skin. I usually have 3-4 “eggs” on hand with different shades of cream applied to them, which allows me to work several times faster.

Beauty blender powder puff Tricks

However, if you are not in a hurry, this trick is not required. But I want to say one thing separately: if you use both the corrector and the tone, even if they perfectly match in shade (they must match!), Buy different beauty blenders. Mixing textures in a sponge can lead to unpredictable results!”

Since the first beauty blender powder puff appeared in the beauty industry, this tool has rightfully become one of the most popular make-up assistants. You may be surprised by the huge assortment of sponges and blenders, but we assure you that each accessory has its own area of ​​responsibility and a unique special effect.

Apple-shaped sponges confidently lead, leaving competitors behind. The second name of such sponges is a blender. It’s all about their ergonomic shape: a pointed tip for precise application of texture, and a round base for a thorough distribution on the skin.

What is the material of beauty blender powder puff?

A special synthetic material allows the cosmetic droplet to absorb liquid, which is why the product remains on the surface of the sponge, and is not absorbed by it. Thus, the gadget saves money. Quality samples are absolutely safe and do not cause allergic reactions.

The mission of the beauty blender powder puff is to correct, contour and strobe. Sponge (or blender) is used to apply any makeup, but most often tonal foundation. For each product, use your own droplet, because even if the shades are similar, it will not work to get a uniform coating without stripes and spots. For dense coverage, the sponge should be moister, for thin, squeeze harder.

Sponge provides opportunities for beauty experiments:

To disguise overgrown gray roots, wet the sponge, take the shadow of a suitable shade and walk over the scalp.

Instead of an eyeshadow brush: lightly moisten the sponge with thermal water, capture the shadows and distribute.

To create an ombre on the nails, apply colored stripes of varnish to the old sponge and blot the nail in turn. Secure with a transparent top.

Beauty blender powder puff User manual:

Hold the beauty sponge under running water, wring it out.

Apply makeup to the sponge.

Now you can distribute over the skin with light blotting movements.

The sponge must be cleaned after each use. Soap is best for this task, just lather and squeeze the sponge under running water. Do as many approaches until the water after spinning is clear. Then put the sponge on a special stand for storage and drying. Hygiene procedure completed!

beauty blender powder puff 2022

Creamy, liquid, powdery and even mineral – the beauty sponge will work with any texture!

Base is suitable for applying and blending any texture, but is most often used for liquid foundation. The pointed tip is great for spotting concealer and correcting imperfections. Some makeup artists prefer to apply base with a beveled sponge, such as RainandCharles. Base (cut). It is convenient for them to work out, for example, the area under the eyes.

Corrector application with beauty blender powder puff

With the growing popularity of contouring and strobing, miniature versions of beauty blender powder puff have appeared. Correct “medium” and “mini”, which are designed for highlighter, corrector, bronzer and concealer. These kids help to work out such hard-to-reach areas as the wings of the nose, the area of eyes and lips. For the same purpose

, use the beveled sponge. Correct coated with Velvet. The product will lay down in a thin layer, creating the effect of a velvet coating.

Blush with beauty blender powder puff

Do not be surprised, today you can even apply blush with a sponge. For these purposes, choose an instance with a cut shape beauty blender powder puff. With a flat edge, the product is easy to apply to large areas of the face and blend.

This sponge does not have to be used wet, as is customary with foundation products. But if you want a glowing blush on your cheekbones, lightly wet the sponge – so the pigment will appear brighter.

Best before date

On average, the sponge “lives” 1-3 months, depending on the frequency of use. Make sure that no flaws appear on the surface of the product (any defect will affect the quality of the coating). Did you notice that the sponge started to crumble? It’s time to say goodbye, the gadget has served its purpose, and it should be replaced. Don’t be sad, it’s a great opportunity to try something new!

Compact, does not take up much space in your purse, you can use it on trips. Pay attention to the beauty cuticle care pencil from Pink Up brand. The composition contains olive, apricot and lavender oils, as well as vitamin E.

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