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10 Types of Beauty Blender Packaging for New Year

2021.12.18 / By hqt

What is beauty blender packaging?

Beauty Blender Packaging

What is the meaning of beauty blender packaging in the beauty that is careful a “panacea” for the beauty and health of women? Maybe people have heard a lot about this concept but don’t seem to know enough about it? Then the following article will best answer your questions in detail!

Have you heard many people use blenders to maintain and prolong the youthfulness of their skin? You want to find this beauty treatment but still have many questions about the effect of the product. You know, Blender is careful the panacea of ​​beauty and when it comes to beauty magic, people will immediately think of blender.

Beauty blender packaging is beneficial for skin

In addition to the wonderful miraculous benefits for the skin, the blender is also the perfect solution to prevent aging and prolong youth.

Blender occurs in many connective tissues and tissues and is classified as a protein. They make up 25% of the total body protein, 70% of the skin structure. Moreover, the beauty blender packaging is distributed mainly in the dermis with the main function of helping to stimulate metabolism, creating connections between tissues and cells in the body so that the organs are unified.

beauty blender packaging is common for skin smoothness

However, with the aging process of time, the number of blenders will gradually decrease. It is also no longer enough to meet the needs of the cells.

As a result, the skin will inevitably sag, appear crow’s feet and begin to appear melasma, freckles, more sensitive, and more vulnerable.

Main types of beauty blender packaging

In the human body, there are at least 16 different types of beauty blender packaging but mainly types 1, 2, and 3 make up 80%-90% of the body. We will go to learn more about each type!

beauty blender packaging type 1

This is the strongest and most abundant type of blender found in the human body. They are composed of eosinophilic fibers that help build organs such as tendons, ligaments, skin, and other organs. This type 1 is also included in bone formation and the gastrointestinal tract. Our wounds heal quickly because this blender keeps tissues from tearing.

beauty blender packaging type 2

This type of blender mainly helps to form cartilage, which determines the health of joints. Therefore, with age, it is common for various arthritis symptoms to produce by this type 2 deficiency.

Blender type 3

We will find a type 3 blender in the reticular fibers and a major component of the extracellular matrix. The effect is to provide the skin with elasticity, firmness and is taken in in the formation of blood vessels and tissues in the heart. A deficiency of this blender is a major risk factor for broken blood vessels.

Blender type 4

Complex in basement membrane formation and they live in endothelial cells of organs, muscles, and fats. A type 4 blender is essential for various nerve and blood vessel functions.

beauty blender packaging type 5

Type 5 beauty blender packaging, which plays a role in creating cell surfaces, is commonly found in the placenta of women.

Blender type 10

Beauty Blender Packaging 2021

Gourd blender is essential for the formation of new bone and joint cartilage. They affect and directly affect the ossification process of cartilage, which is very beneficial for the process of bone healing and joint repair.

What factors damage blender?

Recognizing which agents damage blender will help you eliminate the risk of blender damage so that our skin is always beautiful and youthful over time.

UV rays from the sun are the first factors that easily damage the amount of Blender and Elastin under the skin. Over time, it causes wrinkles and sagging skin. Besides, smoking is also damaging to the amount of blender in the skin. Pollution, smoke, heat from air conditioners, and heaters will cause moisture loss from the skin, damage, and loss of blender in the body.

The meaning of blender in beauty

Blender plays a very important role in skincare and is careful the perfect savior to improve aging skin. When the body is at the age of 25 onwards, the natural blender synthesis in our body will gradually slow down. Therefore, supplementing with beauty blender packaging is extremely and extremely necessary. Let’s take a look at the meanings of blender in beauty right now!

Gives a tight, smooth, smooth skin

The smoothness and elasticity of the skin will decrease over the years, wrinkles will begin to appear on the corners of the eyes, mouth, forehead, sagging. The addition of a blender currently is a “savior” to help the skin change 180 degrees, firmer, smoother, and help skin cells like new and bring back.

Women aged 35 – 55 use 2.5 – 5 grams of hydrolyzed blender per day, the elasticity and moisture of the skin are easy to improve after 8 weeks. Therefore, the blender is the most important factor determining your youthfulness.

Strengthens nails, hair, and teeth

If you pay attention, you will see that your nails, hair, and teeth will also become rough and weaker as you age. Most likely the cause is because your body is lacking a blender. In this case, blender supplements will play an extremely important role to build stronger nails, hair, and teeth, no more worries about hair loss or broken nails.

Effective weight control

Have you ever heard of an effective weight control method with beauty blender packaging? Thanks to the metabolism and fat burning of a blender, they are classified as fat loss functions even when you are resting. This is good news for chubby girls.

How to supplement blender?

Many women supplement blenders naturally through foods such as vegetables, fruits, animal meat… But you know, those blender types often have large molecular structures, which are difficult to absorb into the body. Therefore, many people wonder why they persist in using it for a few years but the effect is not significant. 

The combination of blender supplements is careful the most ideal option that millions of women around the world believe in. Combined with that is maintaining good living habits, getting enough sleep, exercising daily, exercising regularly, and drinking enough water. 


The product’s feature is that it is pulled out from fish. It is also, hydrolyzed into beauty blender packaging peptides, so it is easy to absorb when put into the body. After a week of use, your skin condition significantly improves.

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