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How to use beauty blender foundation? Best Guide

2022.01.25 / By hqt

Makeup is not only to help you become more beautiful and radiant every day, but after a layer of makeup is a beautiful skin. Perhaps not everyone knows how to properly remove makeup to quickly remove dirt and not irritate the skin. The correct beauty blender foundation is important to keep the face radiant and avoid skin aging. Here are some rules on how to properly remove makeup that we want to share with you.

Beauty Blender Sponge

Remove lipstick layers with beauty blender foundation

The best way to remove makeup for lips

Perhaps we do not know that the lips are always the first and most important position when it is necessary to remove makeup. We can use specialized lip makeup remover products. Moreover, we can use olive oil or coconut oil to gently massage to remove the lipstick layer.

If you skip this step or don’t take care of your lips carefully, then the excess lipstick will make your lips dark and chapped. This when we apply lipstick, it will no longer be perfect. Therefore, the best way to remove makeup should start from beauty blender foundation.

Don’t underestimate your lips, take care and moisturize like your skin. This will help you become more beautiful even without makeup.

II. Eye makeup beauty blender foundation

A lot of women use beauty products for their eyes and have good water-resistant ingredients. But not all makeup removers can remove stubborn mascara or eyeliner. Therefore, the eyes are the second place to remove makeup.

 The eyes are very sensitive and will age earlier than the facial skin. Therefore, you need to cherish and use specialized eye makeup remover products to avoid damage to your eyes.

Best beauty blender foundation for eyes

To remove makeup properly with your eyes, you should take a sufficient amount on a cotton pad and leave it on for 3-5 seconds, then wipe it off. After that, you can use a cotton swab to wipe away the excess eyeliner on the eyes. Clean with cleanser and apply skin care steps, don’t forget to use eye cream and mascara to keep your eyelashes healthy.

III. Remove face makeup with cleansing oil for the 1st time

Massage with cleansing oil

When our skin exposes to the environment as well as makeup after a long day of work, your skin will probably feel very “tired”. In order for the makeup to be cleaned more thoroughly, you should choose beauty blender foundation to make the makeup go faster.

 When using, we should choose makeup remover oils suitable for skin. Take a selection of oil and massage 5 places on the face such as forehead, chin, cheeks and nose.

Gently massage after 5-10 minutes to emulsify the oil with water so that the solution turns into a milky white layer. Then they massage again so that the oil layers are thoroughly emulsified and rinsed with water.

Instructions on how to remove makeup to help clean the skin

After using the makeup remover oil, many women will see hidden acne on the skin. This can be clearly seen that, our cleaning step is not guaranteed.  The layers of oil or dirt that are still under the pores after a few days will appear hidden acne. Therefore, to be cleaner and make sure the skin is clean, you can wipe it with 2-3 cotton pads and then observe your cotton pad.

V. Use facial cleanser to clean the skin surface

Beauty Blender Sponge 2022

There are many types of makeup removers that will not need to be rinsed with water. But according to research from beauty experts, the face wash step is also very necessary in the daily skincare routine.

When it cleans deep under the pores, there will not be a feeling of “breathing” on the surface of the skin. Therefore, the best way to remove makeup is to use beauty blender foundation again and choose products with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5 and suitable for your skin.

Which is the best beauty blender foundation?

In general, with the most correct beauty blender procedures, perhaps not all women know and sometimes because of our “clumsy” we forget that lips and eyes are also important positions on the face.

Cleansing is probably the most important step in your skincare routine. Because if we do not do this step carefully, the remaining skins care steps will not work. Therefore, this will make the skin worse and appear more acne. Please always pay attention and follow the steps in the process to avoid skin damage and premature aging.

Avoid clogging pores with beauty blender foundation

Although beauty blender foundation works to protect your skin from the sun, the substances in it will clog your skin and enter your pores to cause problems on your face. Removing sunscreen will help your facial skin and pores to be open and make a premise for the following skin care steps to be most effective.

Skin does not stain

If your face is not cleansed with sunscreen, your skin is at high risk of staining, mold, or dullness. So if you want to have beautiful, healthy, even and bright skin, remember to remove makeup after applying sunscreen.

Avoid acne-prone skin

Acne skin is the worry and obsession of any woman. The main cause of this phenomenon is that you do not clean your skin with beauty blender foundation, sebum, and bacteria accumulate on the skin. That’s why you do not remove makeup every day, especially after using sunscreen, which will increase the risk of acne occurring more often.

Prevents aging and wrinkles

How to remove makeup with sunscreen also helps to fight aging and remove wrinkles effectively. After a long day of using cosmetics, your skin needs to rest and recover. With this step of care, you should use more skin care products to rejuvenate the skin and prevent aging. You can also use moisturizing masks to provide the necessary substances for the skin.

At the end I would suggest to buy best and reliable products

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