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5 Ways to Use Beauty Blender Dupe in 2022

2022.02.23 / By hqt

Beauty Blender Dupe

Few years ago the beauty blender dupe entered the routine of all of us, regardless of our style! In fact, its function is perfect both for a super natural base, with a nude effect foundation, and for more marked contouring or baking techniques.

Its best known task is to spread and blend the liquid foundation, in order to blend it perfectly with the complexion, but in reality it can be common in many other ways. And even if it has the reputation of being a tool, it is still possible to make mistakes that affect the final effect in one way or another

You love the beauty blender dupe but also if you have never common it and want to start. Here is an omissible guide on the 10 mistakes to avoid for a TOP result!


It is perhaps the most trivial mistake among all those you will find in our guide, but it may be useful to reiterate it. The beauty blender must always be common wet.

The wetter it will be, the more natural the make-up will be. The ideal is to put it under running water, squeeze it gently and then pat it dry with a clean towel to absorb excess water.


Cleaning the beauty blender dupe is very boring. We all agree, but unfortunately there is no escape eheheh! So how do you proceed?

According to Clio, the best thing is to use a solid soap, because with liquid ones it takes longer. There is the appropriate beauty blender soap, but since it is quite expensive and difficult to find, you can also opt for a normal soap.

Beauty Blender Dupe 2022

Put the Beauty Blender under water and, when it is completely soaked, rub it with soap. You will rinse it well by squeezing it until all the makeup and soap residues are gone.

Some people also use baby shower gel

There is a bit of psychological terror on the Internet about whether the Beauty Blender rot in the center or otherwise be a breeding ground for germs.

What is experiencing in my Beauty Blender?

In fact, a famous American youtuber recently cut hers in half after a year of use and found that the inside was still perfect, proving that just taking care of it!

We must also be very delicate when we wash it … with what it costs ehehe!!


The case is practical to use as a base for air -drying the sponge!

You can opt for the sparkling beauty blender dupe. This is also super cute as a gift idea if you have friends who are passionate about make-up like you.


Never put the sponge in the beauty case when it is still damp and never store it in plastic containers such as those common for air travel; better to prefer a beauty net or it really risks becoming unhygienic.


There is an urban legend on the web that putting the Beauty Blender in the microwave can kill germs. In reality, the only result will be to ruin it ahead of time!

The beauty sponges, or rather the beauty blender dupe -style foundation sponges, are in the beauty of all makeup enthusiasts. They allow a flawless and layered foundation application. Well, if in addition to makeup, you are passionate about everything that is eco-sustainable, this double report.

Why do we need to use beauty blender dupe?

This is the main brand that launched this type of sponge. Last spring launched Bio Pure, the Beauty Blender sponge that respects the environment. In 2021, beauty brands can’t – or, at the very least, shouldn’t – release a new beauty product without considering the sustainability factor.

While many brands create a new product and then reverse engineer the formula with eco-friendly ingredients, RainandCharles has launched a new product developed specifically for its environmental benefits.

Lovers of green beauty, here is Bio Pure, the new sustainable version of the iconic teardrop-shaped makeup sponge. The new sponge is designed to have the same results as its predecessors with one distinction: up to 60% of its volume comes up of sugarcane waste products. Sugar cane was chosen for its ability to make large polymers.

The move to what the team calls beauty blender dupe means that the manufacturing process is characterized by lower CO2 emissions and less water waste.

You may already be familiar with sugar cane products. Squalane oil, for example, is made entirely from sugar cane.

What is bio blender?

Eco Tools, on the other hand, is a brand that needs no introduction if you are a fan of eco-sustainability in the beauty field. It produces vegan make-up brushes and other sustainable make-up accessories that have nothing to envy to traditional ones.

Eco Tools this year has produced beauty blender dupe that in addition to promising excellent performance in the application of make-up is made with 5 “clean” and earth-friendly ingredients in order to obtain flawless and luminous skin without product waste.

Patented shape with three distinct edges. You can use the different sides to fit the contours of the face and create more coverage where needed. The top edge looks great in the under-eye area.

I bet many of you often hear about beauty blender, without yet knowing what this renowned “Beauty Spreader “is. Do not worry, I’m here and I will save you again from doubts and possible fools with the most passionate and prepared friends in terms of make-up!

The Advantage of using beauty blender dupe

The beauty blender is nothing more than a nice drop-shaped fuchsia sponge, invented by the make-up artist. You can buy them in any beauty shop today, even if they are emulations of the original. By now they have entered common use, therefore they can be found.

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