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5 Steps To Apply Beauty Blender Customized correctly

2021.12.22 / By hqt

How to apply beauty blender customized correctly?

The beauty blender customized is one of the most popular products to even out skin tone.

Today we will tell you how to apply it correctly.

Step 1. Cleansing and moisturizing

Step 2. Also, Makeup base

Step 3. Moreover, Beauty blender

Step 4. Furthermore, Correction of skin imperfections

Step 5. In addition, Powder

Step-by-step instruction:

You already know how to choose the right beauty blender, follow our application instructions and your skin will be perfect:

Beauty Blender Customized 2021

Step 1. Cleansing and moisturizing

The beauty blender customized fits well only on prepared skin – previously cleansed and moisturized with a cream. After cleansing, apply your daily skincare routine and let it fully absorb. Also, you can start applying decorative cosmetics no earlier than after 15-30 minutes.

While you wait, you can start choosing your wardrobe or styling!

Step 2. Makeup base

The base is necessary to even out the texture of the skin, thereby facilitating the application of the beauty blender. It is also, prolonging the durability of the make-up. Moreover, there are mattifying, moisturizing, radiant, and tone-correcting bases – choose your type or combine them on different zones.

How to apply: Apply a medium pea of ​​the product with your fingertips or with a synthetic brush over the entire face, bypassing the area around the eyes. In a minute, you can start applying the beauty blender.

Step 3. Beauty blender

The beauty blender customized allows you to even out skin tone, making it visually smooth and radiant.

How to apply:

First, apply a large pea of ​​the product on the back of the hand, and take a little from there, as from a palette, immediately shading. Also, Apply from the center of the face, blend to the periphery, i.e. along the massage lines – so the skin stays elastic longer and less stretched. For the area under the eyes, there is a special. means, therefore, the beauty blender is practically not applied there.

If you apply the beauty blender customized not on the hand, but immediately on the face, and then start shading, then it can begin to be absorbed, and while you blend the left and then the right cheek, a stain may already form on the forehead. Therefore, so that the tone lays down evenly, and not with spots, use the correct technique – apply not in parallel, but sequentially: applied and immediately shaded.

How to apply: With a synthetic brush

the lightest coating in which a drop of tone with a brush can be easily stretched over the entire face.

Fingers- medium-dense coverage: the pads of the fingers are warm and embossed, which allows you to optimally distribute the beauty blender, removing excess and layering additionally in the necessary places.

Dry/wet sponge – the densest / medium-dense coating, allows you to create the effect of “new skin” and to mask imperfections as much as possible.

Step 4. Correction of skin imperfections

Since the main function of the beauty blender is to even out the tone, then, to combat imperfections, there are additional helpers: a beauty blender customized.

Blender – masks pimples and skin imperfections due to its dense texture and rich pigment.

Blender – conceals under-eye circles thanks to reflective particles, without overloading the skin, thanks to its light texture.

How to apply beauty blender customized:

Using your fingers, apply the corrector around the problem area, gradually narrowing the circular movements and thereby locally covering the imperfection of the skin. Also, Apply the blender pointwise along the border of the bag under the eyes and cheeks, blend it with patting movements along this border and slightly up.

If necessary, go a little to the transition zone with a beauty blender.


You should not mask the area under the eyes with a blender or beauty blender customized – the skin there is too thin, and these funds can overload it, highlighting wrinkles. Furthermore, do not mask imperfections with a blender – by reflecting light, it will visually make them more voluminous and noticeable.

Beauty Blender Customized

Step 5. Powder

Powder – fixes the beauty blender and mattifies the skin.

How to apply:

With a large fluffy brush for applying powder, first, we go through the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), then, if necessary, along the cheeks and temporal zone, and last of all, with the remains of powder on the brush, easily fix the area under eyes.


Do not overdo it with powder under the eyes – over time, it can accentuate fine lines and folds of the skin.

Since the blender is a creamy product, it is applied after the base. It remains to determine – before or after the beauty blender:

Colored blenders – are applied under the body blender, before the beauty blender.

Body blenders – apply pointwise to the desired areas of highlight, over beauty blender customized or on a clean, moisturized area around the eyes, after applying the beauty blender all over the face, but without mixing with it.

Try not to overlap the body blender with powder, otherwise, it will stop reflecting light and highlight the desired area.

Rule 2. Application scheme of beauty blender customized

Apply the blender with light, patting movements to gently hammer it into the skin.

Step 1. Under the eyes

The key function of the blender is to mask dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, due to the light texture and reflective particles: falling under the eyes, the blender reflects light and visually brightens the area under the eyes.

How to apply: Apply a beauty blender customized with your fingers or a special brush pointwise along the border of the bag under the eyes and cheeks, blend it with patting movements along this border and slightly up. If necessary, you can go a little tonal means to the transition zone.

Step 2. Forever use of beauty blender customized

The blender can also be used as a base for eyelid makeup. It is to visually remove the vascular mesh in the eyes, even out the tone of the eyelids. And brighten the shadows, making them easier to blend and apply.

Its lightweight, the liquid texture is specially designed for the skin around the eyes, so it lasts perfectly all day without rolling and prolonging the durability of your eye makeup.


with point movements on the entire upper eyelid, and a beauty blender customized with patting movements of the fingers or a special brush, from the ciliary edge to the eyebrow. Do not forget to work out the area un

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