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How to use beauty blender bounce foundation swatches?

2022.03.12 / By hqt

How to use beauty blender?

Professional makeup artists and bloggers call beauty blender bounce foundation swatches an absolute “must-have” of all cosmetic cases. It creates an all-natural and juicy make-up, flawlessly hides dark circles and perfectly contours the face. Yes.

beauty blender bounce foundation swatches

 We’re talking about the iconic makeup sponge: the Beauty Blender. Surely, you’ve heard about it and maybe have it at home. But do you know how to use it correctly?

The sponges that revolutionized makeup

Classic makeup sponges have been used for years. In 2003, a revolutionary product was launched: an elliptical sponge. Nowadays, the expression beauty blender is used for all make-up sponges of this type.

How to use beauty blender?

Using the makeup sponge is easy and quick to learn. Just follow a few simple rules:

Main: you must wet the beauty blender before using it. So, soak the sponge in running water and then squeeze it out completely. The beauty blender bounce foundation swatches will increase its volume. It will be softer and it will not absorb as much of the make-up product.

Pour your make-up product onto the back of your hand and dip the beauty blender into it.

Then, start applying the product with gentle “pats” on the face. It is really important not to rub the make-up product with the sponge, however, apply it with gentle touches. To apply the product to the largest area of ​​the face, use the round part of the sponge. For less accessible areas or to apply a concealer under the eyelids, use the pointed tip.

At the end, you can also use the sponge to apply a powder.

All uses of the beauty blender sponge

Most of us use a sponge to apply makeup and concealer. However, its possible use is much wider! Need to contour your face with a cream product? Or, want to apply a highlighter or a blush? So, the beauty blender bounce foundation swatches are a great accessory!

The rule of use is always the same: apply the product to the face by touching the tip of the sponge and then continue the application with the round tip of the sponge and spread the product to the ends of the face.

In addition, the sponge can also be used to apply powder, eyeshadows or even lipstick. Some use it to apply creams or underlying makeup foundations. The sponge is simply a universal accessory that can be used for almost anything.

How to clean the beauty blender?

Inside an unwashed makeup sponge, bacteria can easily grow which, of course, would not do your skin any good. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the sponge well after each use. Even more if you have problem skin! How to wash it properly?

Always wash the beauty blender bounce foundation swatches under running water.

After washing it in clean water, apply a special product for make-up sponges or any other product to clean brushes.

beauty blender bounce foundation swatches 2022

Then, massage the sponge between your fingers in such a way that the cleaning product passes inside and you can perfectly remove all traces of make-up.

Again, wash with plenty of water and repeat the procedure until the sponge is free of impurities. That is, if you press it, only completely clean water comes out.

Finally, squeeze out the sponge completely and let it air dry in a well-ventilated room. Never put the wet beauty blender inside a closed cupboard or cosmetics case!

How long can a makeup sponge be used?

Even the best quality beauty blender has a limited shelf life. In fact, with each use, it gradually loses its shape and flexibility. It is recommended to replace the sponge after about three months of use. Currently, many brands offer numerous colors. So why not try a new one?

The drop-shaped makeup sponge has conquered more and more women due to the fact that it has a super-soft texture, which facilitates the application of products.

You know that kind of product you buy without high expectations and, suddenly, become essential in your daily life, making you wonder “how did you live all that time without it”?!

This is how many people define Beauty Blender (BB), a beauty blender bounce foundation swatches that has conquered more and more women, both inside and outside the country.

What is the success of beauty blender bounce foundation swatches?

 The sponge has a super-soft texture. But below you can find all the information about this product, so you can draw your own conclusions and know if the Beauty Blender, in fact, can be useful in your beauty routine too!

Makeup artist and eyebrow designer explains that the Beauty Blender is a drop-shaped sponge, with a super-soft texture. We can use it easily.

Most bloggers who have already tested the product guarantee that the Beauty Blender is truly differentiated, as no other sponge is so soft and smooth. That’s probably why she’s been so happy!

The beauty blender bounce foundation swatches were initially found only in pink. But then new colors appeared: white (pure beauty blender) and black (pro beauty blender). All are the same; the color is just an aesthetic detail!

How to use Beauty Blender?

Makeup artist highlights that, in the case of foundation, in addition to applying it with Beauty Blender all over the face, women cannot forget about the neck area, to ensure uniform makeup.

Therefore, there is no mystery to use it: apply the product to the sponge and apply it all over the face, not forgetting the corners”, he recalls. Makeup artist points out, however, that there is a problem with using a sponge to apply liquid products..

How to sanitize the Beauty Blender?

There is soap on the market for washing the Beauty Blender: the Blendercleanser, in liquid and solid versions. However, this is not the only alternative. It is possible to sanitize the sponge with products that you can easily find on sale in pharmacies and supermarkets.

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