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7 Best Steps to Apply Cosmetic Puff Packaging

2021.12.22 / By hqt

Foundation sponge – best products, opinions, and prices

In this guide, we see how it is possible to identify the best type of cosmetic puff packaging for your needs among those on the market in this period.

Index of the article

  • How to choose a foundation sponge
  • Best seller – foundation sponge
  • Products with the best opinions – foundation sponge
  • Conclusions

On this blog, we usually talk about products intended for beauty and we know that they turn out to be products that must be bought very carefully.

Cosmetic Puff Packaging

For this reason, in this article we try to understand how to choose a foundation sponge, we point out which products are with the best reviews and we offer a list of the most interesting offers that are on the market right now.

How to choose a foundation sponge

To begin, it is important to know what are the main characteristics that you need to check when you want to find the correct type of foundation sponge for your needs.

There are a few elements that must be evaluated with great attention so as not to make mistakes with your decision.

INCI. When dealing with cosmetic puff packaging, we are referring to products that are common on your body. It is therefore obvious that the ingredients common for production are important.

You have to choose a product with high and in which we find only ingredients that do not cause problems.

Before choosing it is necessary to check the composition.

-Customer Opinions.

The easiest way to know if a certain kind of foundation sponge is of quality is to check what consumers’ opinions turn out to be.

Today it turns out to be a quick thing to do because with the network it is possible to find reviews and understand if the product is evaluated positively.

Check the Price of cosmetic puff packaging

 The cost is a parameter to be evaluated. Beauty products often turn out to be very expensive and therefore it is necessary to try to save.

To do this, it is possible to compare the prices of the different kinds of cosmetic puff packaging and check if any discounts or special offers are currently available.

Where to buy cosmetic puff packaging.

Today you can also buy beauty products online but you need to be careful. The advice is to buy only on safe sites. Precisely for this reason, this page only shows products available on Amazon, a secure site.

Those indicated are the few elements that you need to analyze when you want to buy a beauty product so as not to make mistakes.

How to apply the cosmetic puff on your face step by step

Cosmetic puff (high – high, light – light) is a make-up product for highlighting individual parts and areas of the face, creating radiant, healthy skin and giving a rested look.

Today we will tell you how to apply it correctly.

Step 1. Preparation

Step 2. Also, Eyes

Step 3. Moreover, Cheekbones

Step 4. Furthermore, Forehead

Step 5. In addition, Nose

Step 6. Also, Chin

Step 7. Moreover, Lips

Step-by-step instruction:

We talked in more detail about the choice of cosmetic puff packaging here, so today we will analyze the stages of the application step by step.

Step 1. Preparation of the cosmetic puff packaging

  • A cosmetic puff,
  • like any light accent,
  • attracts much attention,
  • so, before using it,
  • the skin must be carefully prepared and perfectly aligned.

It is necessary to cleanse the skin, take advantage of daily care, apply a base, and even out the tone.


Don’t powder the cosmetic puff!

Cosmetic Puff Packaging 2021

If the cosmetic puff is liquid, then it is applied over the foundation and does not overlap with powder on top. The cosmetic puff is on a dry basis, then it is applied over the tone and powder.

If you want to radically refresh the tone of dry skin

Then you can mix the foundation with a liquid cosmetic puff packaging 3: 1 and apply a thin layer all over the face – this will give additional radiance and a rested look.

Step 2. Eyes

Also, a lithe quid cosmetic puff is mixed in the same proportion with concealer to mask dark circles under the eyes.

How to apply cosmetic puff packaging:

To the corners of the eyes – this will visually increase the space between the eyes and, thereby, move them apart, making them more widely set.

Under the eyebrow – this will visually raise the eyebrow and make it even clearer and more contrasting.

In the center of the upper eyelid – to give the eyes extra volume, ideal for deep-set eyes.

Step 3. cosmetic puff packaging applied on Cheekbones

A cosmetic puff packaging applies to the cheekbones is the best solution for giving skin a healthy glow, regardless of skin type or face proportions. The main thing is to respect the boundaries and carefully shade all the transitions.

How to apply cosmetic puff packaging:

In length, the line ends near the tangent from the outer border of the eye, in width – it does not go over the pouch under the eyes and the zone of dark correction of the zygomatic bone.

Step 4. Forehead

The cosmetic puff applies in the center of the forehead makes it more aristocratic, and stretches the oval of the face, lining up in a single line “LOB-NOSE-CHIN”. This solution is not suitable for girls with oily skin, since it will give shine to the T-zone, as well as those who have an initially extends face oval.

Step 5. cosmetic puff packaging applied on Nose

To visually make the nose shorter, you need to lighten the back to the point where you would like the nose to end and darken the tip. Do not shade the line too wide, this can visually expand the nose.

Step 6. Chin

The smallest layer of cosmetic puff packaging is applied in the center of the chin, usually at the very end of the strobe. Girls with an expanded chin and an oily T-zone should be careful with this zone.

Step 7. Lips

If the upper lip is slightly smaller than the lower one, then it is enough to apply a little cosmetic puff packaging along its border. In this way, this will visually give it volume, raise and align the proportions with the lower lip. If applied along the border of the lower lip, it will visually increase the volume and give it a curve.


In this guide, de we have explained how it is possible to buy good quality beauty products. Such as foundation sponges without having to spend too much.

Today, in fact, online it is possible to find professional beauty products that are also quite cheap.

We provide you with more beauty consultation, if you want to know more content, please contact us by email.

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