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15 Customize Beauty Blender Hacks That Will Give You Flawless Skin

2021.09.01 / By hqt


Beauty blenders have changed the make-up game ever since they came into being. Not you, not me, or anyone can imagine a time where there were no beauty blenders. How people must have applied their foundation without customize beauty blender, with a brush application is not as flawless and skin-like.

But the beauty blender’s use is not limited to just applying flawless foundation, any skin product can be applied by the beauty blenders. A beauty blender can be customized to be used in many different ways.

Now you can use your beauty blender to its fullest and get flawless-looking skin with its use. If your question is how? Then read on and find out!

customize beauty blender

Customize Beauty Blender hack for flawless skin

Below we have compiled for you 15 amazing and unique customize beauty blender hacks and some tips and tricks that will help you step up your makeup game and give you flawless make-up results.

1.      Skincare with the beauty blender

Now many of you might never have heard of this customize beauty blender hack, but applying skincare products with a beauty blender is a thing! Applying skincare products like oils, and primers before your makeup, with a beauty blender, is a very good trick to flawless skin.

It is very important to exfoliate your face before doing your makeup so that you have a clean canvas to work on. After that, it is highly recommended to apply the oils and/or primer to moisturize and smoothen out the skin.

Doing this step with the beauty blender gives you the most smooth application, as you gently dab the product onto the skin. The product will evenly get all over the skin in an even layer.

2.      Natural skin-line foundation finish with Damp beauty blender

Everyone knows this customize beauty blender tip, damp the beauty blender to get a dewy, skin-like natural-looking foundation look. To damp the beauty blender, squeeze it underwater until it doubles in size, then squeeze out excess water.

Use this damp beauty blender to apply the foundation on your face in dabbing motion. This will give you a beautiful and healthy skin-looking make-up look.

3.      Matt and full coverage foundation finish with a dry beauty blender

Not sure if many people are aware of this customize beauty blender hack but if you use a dry beauty blender to apply your foundation, you will get a more mattifying look and the coverage will also be more compared to when you use a damp beauty blender.

Make sure you always apply the product in dabbing motion and not drag the beauty blender because that will lift the product off your skin.

4.      Fix the flakey make-up

If you have the problem that your foundation becomes flakey after some time, which happens a lot with dry skin girls, then this customize beauty blender hack is for you. Just take a tiny drop of face oil on your beauty blender and gently dab it onto the flakey skin. Take your time until the flakiness goes away. The oil will nourish and smoothen out the flakiness.

5.      Fix the cakey make-up

If your make-up looks very heavy and cakey then don’t worry because we have a customize beauty blender for you to fix that! Blot excess oil and product with the tissue paper or blotting sheet first. Then take a damp beauty blender and gently dab the clean side of the beauty blend on the areas that look cakey.

The clean side of the damp beauty blender will pick up the excess product from the skin. Now you can set it with powder to seal the make-up, a tip is to use the beauty blender to set with powder, read the next hack!

6.      Bake your face

If you bake your face after foundation and concealer, your make-up will last longer. Just take a setting powder and with a damp beauty blender apply an ample amount to the areas you applied concealer.

These areas include mostly your under-eyes, nose bridge, chin, under the contour, basically any area you want to brighten, or area where the skin is very oily. Now let the powder sit for a while, in this time you can do your eye make-up, liner. Later take a fluffy brush and brush away the excess powder. This trick will give you smooth and flawless make-up that will last you longer.

7.      Applying cream products with the beauty blender

Applying cream products like blushes, contour, bronzer, and highlighter with a beauty blender is the best way of their application. This will give you a very seamless blend of all of the products on your face with no streakiness or harsh lines.

8.      Remove excess product with the beauty blender

I’m sure many people know this customize beauty blender trick. We have all been there, where we apply a little too much of the product whether it be blush, contour, bronzer, or highlighter.

To fix that, just take a damp beauty blender and dab dab dab onto the area of the skin with excess product, the beauty blender will pick that right up.

9.      Show your freckles

If you want to show your freckles but your foundation coves them up, just go over your foundation with a damp beauty blender’s clean side. Dab the sponge on your freckles until enough foundation is lifted that you see your freckles.

10.  Set your make-up in place

This customize beauty blender hack is a game-changer. If you want to make your make-up last long then this is the best way to do it. Just pray the beauty blender with your favorite make-up setting spray and dab that damp beauty blender all over your face to seal the deal.

A tip to those who like a dewy make-up look, take the beauty blender moist with setting spray and apply your favorite highlighter with it.

11.  Don’t through your old beauty blender!

If you have an old beauty blender then use this customize beauty blender hack on it instead of throwing it away. Cut your beauty blender with any normal pair of scissors.

You will see how clean it is from the inside, you can still use that! Cut a  triangle winged eyeliner shape out of it and use it to apply eyeliner. You can be creative and do many things.

12.  Use mini beauty blender for quick eye make-up

This one is pretty simple and quick. The mini beauty blenders are great for apply eyeshadows with, whether it be matt or shimmery eyeshadow. You can create a quick and easy eye make-up looks with it.

13.  Blot the excess oils

If you don’t have blotting sheets, tissue papers at hand but your face make-up looks greasy just dab the beauty blender on the oily areas and it will pick up the excess oils. Make sure to clean the beauty blender afterward

14.  Make your lip product last long!

After applying your lip product, with a damp beauty blender go over it will setting powder. Make sure you damp the beauty blender with setting spray and not water. After that apply the same lip product again and now your lip product will last you longer than before.

15.  Always clean your beauty blender for healthy skin

To keep your skin healthy and to stay hygienic always make sure you wash your beauty blender every week properly!

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