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12 Ways You are Using Your OEM Cosmetic Blender Completely Wrong

2021.09.14 / By hqt

What Mistakes To Avoid While Using a OEM cosmetic blender

Makeup applicators can work in the most perfect way which is the reason why OEM cosmetic blender is in high demand. The little product in your makeup vanity goes a long way. It can do wonders for makeup lovers. The minor product can naturally spin the game of makeup and seems like a perfect choice for professional makeup artists and YouTubers.

The cosmetic blender otherwise known as a beauty blender grew to hit the makeup industry some ten years back. This comes as a popular choice as it leaves on a very airbrushed and flawless skin-light finish.

OEM cosmetic blender

Thus, the pink egg which is an attractive product for makeup lovers has its benefits and flaws too. The blender should be disposed of after every three months. This is because of the germs and bacterial properties that make it the center of attraction. It is a little expensive. Read more here

Most Common Mistakes in Using Beauty Blender

Following is a detailed discussion on common mistakes that one should avoid when using the beauty blender.

Water Works

The common mistake is using a dehydrated OEM cosmetic blender. The makeup hack which might seem minor to the eye is something that can ruin the entire makeup look. A dry cosmetic blender can get the user nowhere.

It is clearly stated in the instructions that the cosmetic blender should be thoroughly wet. This, therefore make the makeup application smooth. There are hardly any streaks, leaving behind a very naturally glowing skin light effect. Another root cause is its dehydration.

Just like humans, cosmetic blenders are also prone to using water as a part of their makeup routine. Thus, in this case, the wet, activated and completely damp blender is good to go.

Ther professional makeup artists prefer to keep a cup of water with them. This is to make sure it stays refreshed at all times. Thus, an extremely damp blender will ultimately stay friendly with the user’s skin.

Washing Machine

OEM cosmetic blender cleaning and cleansing might seem a bit of an easy task. But the bitter truth is it is not. Cleaning a cosmetic blender requires different ways and thus the user should ultimately make it a part of its routine.

The cleaning ritual should be like wiping it off once a week. This is necessary as some ingrown germs and bacteria are rare to the eye. Washing it once a week or maybe every day can help. Just extract a certain amount of cleanser directly on the blender, wash it thoroughly and one is good to go.

Forced Squeezing

Beauty blenders can take up half of the energy while it goes through the process of cleaning. One has to be extra careful especially when it has sharp nails. The user instead of washing is more likely to tear it apart. Instead, it is advisable to gently squeeze it.

Any visible dark spots on the surface should be the targeted area of the cleanser. The gentle squeezing and rolling of the blender between the palms are what is required. But the user has to be a bit cautious and should not put it in the washing machine for cleaning purposes.

In case, the stubborn spots are still alive on the cosmetic sponge then it is advisable to soak it overnight. Leaving it for a night will help get rid of the stains and spots. Otherwise, can use thinner oil just like baby oil before cleansing.

Storage Solution

Pause and look a little deep. A filthy OEM cosmetic blender might not be someone`s mistake. Probably the user is not too deeply concerned while properly storing it. The root cause of its slow death is the lesser light and oxygen.

The sudden removal of both can largely result in bacterial properties to easily takeover. Therefore, to avoid the bigger hacks in advance it is important to properly store them. Locking a damp, wet cosmetic blender in a non-breathable makeup box can result in adverse reactions.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to store it in a Ziplock bag. It should be an organza bag or a breathable mesh that makes it a perfect travel partner.

Say No to Microwave

Getting rid of germs present on an OEM cosmetic blender is not easy. It is therefore highly recommended to use the safest means. Microwaving might seem an option for some. Instead, it adds fuel to the fire.

Having said so. Microwave simply melts the product away. Instead, it is advisable to simply give it a good manual wash. Hence, it proves the safest means which waves off the germs too quickly.

Furthermore, replacing the cosmetic blender after every three months will do the job. The older it gets the more likely chances that it will tear apart. Simply, the user should not keep it for a very long period.

The Double Effect Blender

The OEM cosmetic blender can be playful at times. The diversified effect of it is not just restricted to makeup. Instead, the beauty experts recommend it using for skincare too.

The damp cosmetic blender plays around well with several skincare products. It specifically includes serums, sunscreens, and moisturizers. The reason is its softness, mildness, and dye-free product.

Power Controlled Blending

The multiple diversity in OEM cosmetic blenders by far might not be too noticeable. It shows off the magic when it gives a controllable edge to the skin. This is the trick of the cosmetic blender which can easily swipe on cream makeup products.

Nevertheless, the power-controlled blending is there and this is the major trick of the professional makeup artists. They easily kick it off it in their contouring tutorials. The game-changer product is thus applicable for setting powders.

The cosmetic blender picks off the powder well and is easy to apply under the eye. Whereas, the brushes make it hard to take control of the makeup. In all cases, it is important to use a damp beauty blender.

OEM cosmetic blender

Damp Beauty Blender Does the Job Well

The reminder should keep ticking the mind. The user should make use of an OEM cosmetic blender that is wet. The damp ones will beautifully kick in the skin leaving for a bright, breathable air-light skin finish. Just make sure to dispose of it off after three months.

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